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Squash FIT 

Join in on one of our LIVE classes delivered via Zoom! A high intensity strength & conditioning total body workout combining functional movements and resistance training using bodyweight, weights and bands.  This physiotherapist led circuit-based class will develop your strength, power, stability, mobility and endurance. Don’t miss out!

Masters Squash FIT

EXCLUSIVE to participating Nations or Clubs, join in on one of our LIVE classes delivered via Zoom

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A strength & conditioning total body workout combining functional movements and resistance training using bodyweight, weights and bands.  This physiotherapist led circuit-based class will include mobility and activation exercises that will initially lightly challenge your body. The intensity will gradually increase each week to maintain that challenge.

There will be varying levels of fitness participating in the class and those who have not been maintaining a structured routine may find it more challenging than others.  If you find that the pace of the class is too fast, it’s important to go at your own pace.  If there is an exercise that requires 10 repetitions and you are only on the 5th rep when we move on to the next exercise, just move with us.

Technique will be very important throughout each exercise. If at any time you feel that an exercise is causing you pain then you should stop and avoid that exercise and rest until the next exercise begins.

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Irish Squash:


EXCLUSIVE to participating nations.  Check out our schedule of UNIQUE and LIVE International Events.  


Bored and in need of a challenge? Missing that tournament adrenaline and burn? Join us for our UNIQUE Online Squash Tournament series.

Experience four 60 minute sessions of LIVE online squash specific Strength & Conditioning exercises which will not only burn in excess of 4000 calories but will develop, strengthen and condition you and your body for that essential return to play like no other work out…and all within 42 hours!



Bulletproof your body, improve your strength, power, speed, agility and endurance through structured individualised S&C programmes, optimizing your performance and reducing the risk of injury. Suitable for Juniors, Masters and Elite level players.

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Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy and Post- operative Rehabilitation provided in person at:

Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club, Dublin, Ireland

Portobello Physio Clinic, Dublin, Ireland

Or why not contact me for an Online Physiotherapy Consultation

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Train from the comfort of your own home. With minimal equipment and space, you can maximise your training via one of our online Squash FIT classes or unique Squash Tournaments.

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Professional Strength & Conditioning Consultancy

Suitable for Clubs or Junior Squads wanting to develop a strength & conditioning pathway for players.